R. G. Hurley & Associates, Inc.

I'm not a techie and I hate bookkeeping. Since I began working with Balance Your Books, I have learned how to use technology and bookkeeping to give me more control of my business. Balance Your Books saves time, which reduces costs and enables me to address any issues immediately.

I recently returned from an industry meeting. I was down after speaking to several peers that were depressed and in difficult times. During our next conference with Balance Your Books I was uplifted after reviewing our numbers and realizing that we had been making ongoing adjustments to the trend that many of my peers had not. We are in a sound position to take advantage of turnarounds ahead. I firmly believe Balance Your Books to be one of the key factors in our company's success and the bottom line.

Bob Hurley

Communicating with Technology, Inc.

I have an association management company and one of the services I provide is bookkeeping. Over the years, I hired bookkeepers as consultants who would come to the office once a week. But I was not happy with the quality of the financial reports and really did not understand why until Icontracted with Balance Your Books.

The owner Dennis Najjar and his bookkeepers understand and know how to use the QuickBooks program. As much as the advertisements make you think that it's simple to use, QuickBooks is a sophisticated accounting/ bookkeeping program that when used correctly provides a business owner with critical financial information. Also Dennis reviewed the books each month, provided a report for me to review and set aside time to discuss the report as well as provided me with recommendations on how to deal with more complex transactions.

The bookkeepers I hired were not accountants so that more often than not there were transactions that were entered into QuickBooks incorrectly which contributed to inaccurate financial reports. Dennis trains his bookkeepers to "ask questions" instead of guessing about a transaction. To save time or just to get it done, the bookkeepers I hired would guess instead of asking me. When they did ask there were times that I did not know the answer and would have to call my accountant.

I was also looking for an online solution but was somewhat concerned if I could not get into the online QuickBooks version due to technology issues. This did happen on occasion but Dennis and his staff made this issue a priority and usually had the problem solved within a few hours. Dennis and the bookkeeper that I was assigned made themselves available via "instant messenger" which was extremely helpful when I had quick questions, needed something to get done quickly or had a technology issue.

Balance Your Books also supported my vision to move into a paperless office. In order to get the information to my bookkeeper, I needed to scan and then email the information. This "forced" me to digitize my bills, bank statements etc. and file them electronically. Once I got the routine down and the bookkeeper became familiar with my monthly transactions, I could see a real time savings.

Overall I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience the excellent services and accurate financial reports that Balance Your Books provided my company.

Maria T. Eckert

Morel America, Inc.

Since the incorporation of Morel's United States based distribution network, we have worked with Dennis Najjar and the BYB staff for all of our bookkeeping and financial needs. From my very first phone conversation with Dennis, I new that he would be the right guy for the job. He was very knowledgeable and confident that he and his staff could take on the challenge of managing our company's unique bookkeeping procedures as well as monitor and consult on our financial needs. He has truly delivered all that was promised and more.

The dedicated service that they have provided us with has helped Morel pioneer an outsourced distribution network previously unheard of for the Hi-Fi speaker industry, centering on Dennis, Kim and the entire BYB team. We have given them almost complete control of our day to day bookkeeping including: Invoicing, sales tracking, custom financial reports for our sales team, tax preparation services, operational consulting and all other accounting functions.

Most importantly, BYB has served as a partner in our business' success more so than as an outsourced vendor. The business to business contacts that Dennis has provided us with have also turned out to be great additions to our distribution and financial network. Their guidance and hard work has given me and the rest of our operational team the tools and experience that is necessary to function efficiently and successfully, leaving us with the time to focus on developing our business further.

In addition to it all, Dennis had shown us the future of document management and the cost efficiency of online bookkeeping. Overall, we have been very fortunate to have BYB as a valuable part of our team.

Raphael Rabe


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