Payroll Overview

We've reinvented payday by simplifying payroll processing.

We have made it easier, simpler & more convenient for both the business owner and their employees. Here's how:

Benefits to Employer
It's simple to use -- all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection.

  • Our payroll service requires no software, no special equipment, no special training.

Save hours each time you process payroll -- processing payroll can be done in just 5 minutes!

  • Payroll data is already stored and entered; you simply review it to confirm or update information.
  • We leverage the speed, flexibility and convenience of the Internet.
  • With our service, you are always in control, so you avoid wasting time waiting for checks to arrive.
  • If you are doing your own payroll, you'll save time to turn your attention on more profitable tasks.
Save money versus traditional payroll services -- why pay double?
  • Compared to your current costs (including cost for labor) our service will save you 50% or more on payroll processing.
  • Research indicates that 4 of 10 businesses will be hit with an IRS penalty, at an average charge of $845. Based on your data entry, we guarantee this will never happen to you.

Maintain control of processing and distributing payroll -- it is important to your business.

  • You review exactly how much money each employee will receive before deposits are made. Therefore, you can correct little mistakes before they become bigger headaches.
  • With our payroll service, you decide when and where you want to process payroll.
  • You are not dependent on 3rd party delivery trucks for checks and pay stubs to arrive at your office on payday.

We provide multiple ways to pay your employees -- we know everybody has different needs.

  • We pay your employees via direct deposit and send them e-mail notifications. They can go to our highly secure, password-protected Web site to view and print their pay stub.
  • In addition, your employees will be able to review their complete payroll history and update personal information including address and number of dependents.
  • You can also print a pay stub for your employees or give employees the option of receiving an actual printed check, using your own local printer and check stock.

Eliminate the hassles of tax calculations and payments -- we take care of the taxes for you.

  • We automatically calculate, deduct, pay and file all taxes -- federal, state and local.
  • There is nothing for you to do, nothing for you to sign. Once you enter your payroll data, we'll handle the tax calculations, deductions and filings. We then deposit them into the appropriate government accounts. It's that simple.
  • Plus, we are experts in tax law changes so you do not have to keep up with new payroll tax laws that impact your business.

Maintain peace of mind -- we believe in extreme security!

  • We have built our site like a bank.
  • The web servers for our payroll service are housed in a building with Kevlar-lined walls, bulletproof glass and 24-hour armed guards.
  • All data transactions are authenticated by VeriSign™ -- the leader in e-commerce security.

Receive world-class customer service -- customers are our #1 asset.

Set-up and enrollment is a breeze -- it can be as easy as sending a fax.

  • Pick one of three simple ways to enroll through our StartSimple™ system:

    -- Enroll through our secure Web site. Our StartSimple™ system will walk you though every step of the process. All you need to do is enter payroll data.

    -- Or call us at 1-877-211-1011 and we will walk you through the process over the phone to help you enter the data and provide that extra level of comfort knowing that everything is set up correctly.

    -- Or fax or e-mail us your latest payroll register and we will enter all your information for you.

Reliable and accurate -- we guarantee it!

  • Once you enter your payroll data accurately, we'll handle the tax deductions, calculations and filings. We then deposit them accurately and on time so you'll never incur an IRS penalty.
  • We guarantee your overall satisfaction. If any aspect of our service fails to meet your expectation, you can cancel your service at any time.
  • We’re so confident you’ll benefit from our online payroll service; you’re invited to try us at no risk for six months. If you’re not completely satisfied – for any reason – during this time, simply cancel. You’ll receive a full refund. No questions asked.

Benefits to Employee
Pay statements can be viewed from anywhere in the world -- no longer do employees need to be in the office on payday.

  • We pay employees via direct deposit and send them e-mail notifications telling them that they have been paid.

We offer choices, choices, choices -- and flexibility too

  • Employees can view OR print their pay stubs through our highly secured, password-protected web site.
  • Employees can review complete payroll history.
  • You can give employees the option of an actual printed check, using your own printer and check stock.
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