Outsourcing is cost effective

Employing a bookkeeper in-house can be expensive. That cost is not just comprised of salary, but the other direct costs such as employer payroll taxes, workers compensation, medical insurance, retirement plans and other benefits. Additionally, there are employee vacation and sick days to consider as well. There are also the savings in both the time and money involved to place classified ads, interview, screen, test and train an employee. Our fees to provide superior service to your company are quite competitive by comparison and we also provide flexibility in adjusting the level of service to meet the seasonal needs of your business.

Outsourcing reduces your year-end work and fees

Since we maintain your general ledger and subsidiary schedules as part of the ongoing recording of data and preparation of documents, your year-end work can be significantly reduced resulting in lower accounting fees and faster turn around time in preparing tax returns and financial statements.

Outsourcing Investment

Your monthly investment will be based upon the volume of transactions and the overall complexity of your business.

The fee structure includes:

Number of customer invoices or deposits

Number of vendor invoices or checks written

Number of employees

Complimentary Proposal

For a free, no-obligation proposal, please contact us. We will be glad to help show you how you can save up to 40% by outsourcing your bookkeeping.

Or do the math yourself. Click here to determine how much outsourcing can save you.


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