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Chances are that unless your company is a finance-related one, bookkeeping is not your strong suit. Nor should it be. Your in-house resources should be dedicated to the important business-related tasks at hand, not to a service that can be done more quickly, more efficiently, and more accurately online. Remote, or outsourced, bookkeeping is one of the biggest benefits to business that the Internet has allowed.

Accurate Financials without Employee Headaches

At Balance Your Books Bookkeeping, you get up-to-date, accurate financials any time you want them simply by accessing our secure website. Why pay for the salary, benefits, and payroll taxes for someone you just don't need on your staff? BYB bookkeepers are professionals employed directly by us, working in the U.S. and overseen by one of our CPAs to ensure accuracy and give you additional peace of mind.

With BYB on your side, you remain completely in control of your cash transactions, invoice approval, and check writing, but your overall financials are automated, updated and closely monitored by our team of professionals. Say goodbye to the enormous burden of keeping a bookkeeper on staff and save your company an average of 20 to 30 percent. Use our BYB cost calculator to gauge the potential savings your company stands to gain.

For increased accuracy, accessibility, and cost effectiveness, remote bookkeeping with BYB is your solution. We're happy to provide you with a detailed proposal so you can start to envision what BYB can do for you. You have important things to devote your time to when running a business; let the professional bookkeepers at BYB ease your load. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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