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The challenges to the small and medium-sized business owner in today's financial climate are many. Most people agree that streamlining duties and keeping one's staff efficient is key. If you still have a bookkeeper working on-site, for instance, you may be unnecessarily gouging your bottom line by paying for costly employee salary, payroll tax, and benefits. Of all duties in a company, the one most easily outsourced is bookkeeping.

Accurate Financials without Employee Headaches

With Balance Your Books bookkeeping services, you get to make effective use of our employees--professional bookkeepers working here in the U.S., each overseen by one of our CPAs--to keep your finances perfectly in order. BYB is simply the most efficient, accurate, and cost-effective solution to your financial picture.

Often, with a lone bookkeeper, getting an accurate account of your financial outlook is an unnecessary hassle. What if your bookkeeper is out that day? Instead of digging through his or her desk and computer for your business picture, outsourcing with BYB lets you log onto a secure Internet connection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You'll see every piece of your financial puzzle, letting you make the most informed decisions possible when you need to make them.

In addition to all these benefits, our clients usually experience a cost savings of 20 to 30 percent by using BYB's bookkeeping services. Have a look at our cost calculator to see what your savings might be, then contact us directly for a detailed proposal. Today's economy demands that you run a tight ship. Let BYB show you how easy that can be.


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