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If your company is searching for a full charge bookkeeper, consider the online alternative that can save you anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of what you currently pay. Efficient, accurate, and tailored to your specific needs, the bookkeeping and controllership services offered by Balance Your Books are the smart solution for companies of all sizes across the nation. For superior full charge, supervised bookkeeping the easy way, look to BYB.

All the Benefits of an Employee, None of the Burden

The Internet allows us to deliver full charge bookkeeping and accounting services online through our secure server and connection. It's a new way to look at bookkeeping; one that saves you payroll taxes, insurance premiums, and retirement benefits, not to mention the vacation and sick days that companies incur with an on-site bookkeeper. Our clients love the efficiency and savings they get from BYB and our professional staff. Each bookkeeper is an employee of BYB here in the US, rather than an overseas contractor, and each has many years of bookkeeping experience.

Each of our bookkeepers is also directly supervised by a CPA to ensure full accuracy. The team oversees your general ledger, subsidiary schedules, and all financial reports, but you have 24-hour access and complete control over cash transactions. Furthermore, since we keep detailed financial records as part of our function, your year-end tax-preparation burden is also significantly reduced.

Use our online BYB Calculator to see exactly how much a BYB bookkeeping outsource solution can save your company. Then contact us for a free, no-obligation proposal. We think that once you see the benefits, you'll agree--full charge bookkeeping done online is simply the most intelligent way to use your company's resources. We look forward to hearing more about your business soon.


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