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Are your company's strengths solidly balanced? Often, between the four "legs" of a company--sales, operations, administration, and finances--one is perhaps not as strong as it should be. Like a four-legged stool, the only way to function at the optimum level is for each leg to be as strong as the others. If you find finances to be your company's "short leg," then Balance Your Books is ready to build your solution for stability.

All the Benefits of an Employee, None of the Burden

Bookkeeping and accounting are among the few important tasks that are easily done off site. They are also, thanks to the Internet, easily completed and accessible via the Web. Using our secure Internet connection, BYB helps hundreds of companies across the country to rein in their personnel costs for accounting by using one of our US-based BYB accountants.

When you consider what you pay to have any employee on site--payroll taxes, insurance premiums, retirement benefits, vacation days and sick days--it makes logical sense to outsource certain tasks. Unless you're an accounting firm, there's no reason to squander your resources on a job that can be done quickly, efficiently, and more cost-effectively online with BYB. Each of our accountants is an employee, not a contractor, and their work is overseen by one of our CPAs.

Contact Balance Your Books today and let us present you with a proposal that fits your precise needs. We can provide bookkeeping services, customized financial reporting and analysis, fixed asset reporting and depreciation, monthly discussion and analysis reports, expertise in management consulting, plus hassle-free guidance and consultation--all 100 percent secure, insured, and completed by professionals. We look forward to lifting the accounting burden off of your company's shoulders.


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