Q. What software can I use?

A. BYB works with a variety of software packages such as QuickBooks®, MYOB®, and Peachtree®. There are also several internet-based accounting packages, such as ePeachtree®, NetLedger® and QuickBooks® for the Web. With these options you are not required to purchase any software or software licenses. You simply rent these application packages from the vendors on a month-to-month basis.

There are several Application Service Providers that will host an application for you. The ASP we use is called TADOnline. With any ASP you must still purchase the license for the software you use. The ASP sets it up on their system. You are then able to access the software and your data from any computer with an Internet connection.

Q. How does QuickBooks®, MYOB®, or Peachtree® through TADOnline compare to Net Ledger, ePeachtree®, or QuickBooks® for the Web?

A. Business owners need to be very careful in their analysis of the best option to choose. You have total access to your data with any of the packages above.

Net Ledger, ePeachtree®, or QuickBooks® for the Web are not as advanced as QuickBooks® Pro 2001 or Peachtree® Complete. The web based systems are still in the development stages as opposed to QuickBooks® Pro 2001, MYOB®, or Peachtree® which are complete applications. If you have a company in which you maintain a perpetual inventory, ePeachtree® does not have the capabilities that Peachtree® Complete would have. If you should ever choose to leave their site you not only lose the use of their software, but you also are unable to access your data. The only way to have their software and to access your data is to keep subscribing to their service.

By hosting your software with TADOnline, you are using the same QuickBooks®, MYOB®, or Peachtree® software which you could load on your own computer. Therefore, you will always “own” your data and be able to maintain it with the original software on your own system if you choose not to continue the service. You will not be required to re-enter your data if you choose to discontinue service. One advantage of having your software on an ASP versus your own system is you can access your accounting data from any computer that has Internet access without having to invest in your own network system.

Q. How do I decide what software to use?

A. Your software needs are dependent upon the accounting needs of your business. Several very popular software packages are MYOB®, Peachtree® Complete and QuickBooks®. There are lots of considerations to look at when making this decision. We suggest that you speak with a BYB professional or your CPA when making your choice. Whichever software you choose it should be able to fit with the type of industry you operate in and the type of accounting reports your business needs.


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