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BYB's Bookkeeper services handle all of your basic accounting needs: invoices and statements, accounts payable, cash receipts, payroll, bank reconciliations and financial reports. You'll be assigned a bookkeeper who will contact you by email or phone with any questions or concerns.


Get your invoices out promptly and send monthly statements on the date of your choice. We offer two options:

BYB prepares your sales invoice from information you email to our bookkeeper. We email you the final invoice for approval.

You generate invoices and statements through the sales invoicing module in your accounting program.

Whether we prepare your invoices for you or you generate them yourself, your BYB bookkeeper can print and mail customer invoices and statements on your behalf. Statements can be initiated and transmitted on a schedule of your choice.



Invoices you receive from vendors will need to be scanned and emailed to your BYB bookkeeper. We provide a Visioneer scanner with PaperPort scanning software at no cost. This process is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Insert the invoice into the scanner then press the Scan button.

2. Name the file that appears on your screen (i.e. vendor bills 02-16-02)

3. Click the email icon to create an email, attach the file and send.

That’s it! You're done! Your vendor invoices for the day are on the way to your BYB bookkeeper for recording into your accounting file.



On a schedule set by you, your BYB bookkeeper will email you a report of all open vendor invoices. Just indicate which invoices you want paid, then email the report back. Your bookkeeper will prepare the checks then email you the checks for printing right in your office.

Printing checks is just as simple as scanning invoices:

1. Insert blank checks into your printer.

2. Download the file with the prepared checks.

3. Print, sign and mail.

Most importantly, you maintain control over your funds. Your BYB bookkeeper cannot access your bank account for any reason.



Similar to accounts payable, prior to going to the bank, you will scan the deposit slip and each of the items to be deposited. Then create an email and upload the file at your convenience. Your BYB bookkeeper will post the customer payments against open accounts receivable items. Another 1-2-3-step process.

Your BYB bookkeeper will contact you by email or phone with questions or concerns.



We will work with your current payroll service or recommend a service, if necessary, to ensure that checks are generated and proper tax filings take place. Each pay period your BYB bookkeeper will provide your payroll company with the payroll for each employee, make any necessary adjustments and initiate other payroll transactions.

If you generate your own payroll, we can certainly accommodate you. Just email us your payroll information and your BYB bookkeeper will prepare the checks and tax filings. Having BYB generate your payroll and tax filings does incur a higher cost than if you are utilizing a payroll service.

We do suggest direct deposit whenever possible.



Similar to invoices, you scan your monthly bank statement, then email the statement to your BYB bookkeeper. Your bookkeeper will reconcile the statement then email you a copy for your files.



We will email you the following management reports on a schedule that helps you manage the day-to-day finances of your business:

Accounts Receivable Aging

Accounts Payable Aging

Check Register

Cash Receipts Journal



We will email you the following financial reports on a schedule that enables you to oversee your company finances:

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Statement of Cash Flows

Reconciled General Ledger


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